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Do you want your child's reading experience of children books to go beyond reading? If you answered "yes!", then you've come to the right place.

Laughing Zebra - Books for Children does just that. We offer activity books and online fun and games to round out your child's learning enjoyment. We also have teacher guides spanning various subjects available for classroom enrichment.

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Get to know Zebee, our Laughing Zebra mascot. (That's him at the top of the page.) He is our blog spokes-zebra. He will:

* keep you in the know about the happenings at the 'V Zoo'

* gather news about zoos from around the world and share the best with you

* present book reviews of some really great children books

Also check out our other blog over at Books Go Beyond Reading to help you take any book beyond reading.
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Have you ever wanted to learn a new language?

Many of our books will be bilingual in English and Spanish. The format we use makes it easy to learn.

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So, join in the fun and come back often. We look forward to sharing with you and getting to know you better. Oh, and while you're here, go ahead and sign up for 'Zebee's Zoo Zine' for more fun and information.




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